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For 17 years, My Tutor motivating certified tutors have worked one-to-one with  thousands of students of all ages to improve their grades, increase high school and college entrance exam test scores and gain academic confidence. Whether a student is struggling in school or wants to ace an important exam, our expert educators know how to help.

Finding the right student-tutor match is essential. We begin each program with a consultation to assess the student’s learning style, determine which tutor will connect best with the student, and set goals for the program. Our approach to tutoring involves an intensive four-step process that has helped thousands of students to quickly improve their grades and build their confidence in the classroom.

Our middle school and high school tutors know and understand the competitive Abbotsford public and private school system. We have students from almost every school in Abbotsford and we have grown to know the curriculum of nearly every school.

Qualified Lecturers

All of our tutors have years of experience and are carefully screened utilizing the highest possible standards of interviewing and testing

Best Results

My Tutor have found tremendous success.The uniquely individualized program encourages clients not only to learn, but also to help set and achieve their academic goals.


We constantly seek new ways to improve our services and stop at nothing, including creating new methodology, to ensure our students succeed.

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